The planned Maryville to Townsend Greenway is over 15 miles in length and is divided into phases.
  • Phase 1: Maryville to Heritage High School
  • Phase 2: Heritage High School to Townsend

Master Plan

A master plan to evaluate the most feasible route for the greenway was completed in 2014. It recommended an alignment following the U.S. Highway 321 Corridor.

Suburban/Urban Option 1
This is one design option as the greenway exits Maryville along Lamar Alexander Parkway.
Suburban/Urban Option 2
This option for the developed area along Lamar Alexander Parkway is a bit more rustic, with a timber guardrail.
Rural Blount County
In rural Blount County, between Maryville and Walland, the greenway will be separated from the highway as much as possible.
Along the Little River
In the Walland area, the right of way for Lamar Alexander Parkway goes all the way to the Little River, creating opportunities for a greenway near the river.
Constrained Right of Way Option 1
There are several options for the greenway when the right of way narrows near Walland, including a berm separating the trail and the road.
Constrained Right of Way Option 2
Another option where right of way is tight is a cantilevered trail set below the grade of the road.
Constrained Right of Way Option 3
This option is cost-effective but less scenic, for locations where right of way is tight.
Townsend Gateway
Where the greenway connects with existing trail in Townsend, there’s an opportunity to create a gateway.

Master Plan Documents