Knoxville to the Smokies Greenway

Imagine riding on a bicycle trail from Alcoa or Maryville to downtown Knoxville. Or to Townsend and the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Now do more than imagine it. Join us in creating a greenway from Knoxville to the Smokies.

Check out the Vision Map to see where this greenway could take you.

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Completing the Vision

The plan is to link Maryville to Townsend via a greenway trail within the right of way for Lamar Alexander Parkway. There’s also a concept plan for the middle section, from the Knox/Blount County line to the existing Alcoa and Maryville greenways.

Bank Intersection
As the greenway leaves Maryville toward Townsend, it will run along Lamar Alexander Parkway, increasing access to businesses for people walking and bicycling.
Rural Blount County
Between Maryville and Walland, the greenway will be separated from the highway as much as possible, while still remaining within the right of way.
Along the Little River
When the highway narrows around Walland approaching Townsend, construction of the greenway will become more expensive.
Constrained Right of Way Option 2
There will be opportunities to overlook the Little River, and possibly a cantilevered section as well.

A work in progress

A greenway from downtown Knoxville to the Knox/Blount county line is already planned and funded. The City of Knoxville completed the segment to Marine Park in 2015. The rest will be constructed through a combination of projects, including the widening of Alcoa Highway.