The Knox Blount Greenway vision

The Great Smoky Mountains Regional Greenway Council, an association of local governments and others working to promote greenways around the Knoxville region, created this Vision Map to show the route that a greenway from Knoxville to Townsend might take.

The Council worked with Blount County on a study that looked at how to link the greenways in Knoxville and Alcoa. The City of Alcoa has started work on constructing these links.

The current Maryville-to-Townsend greenway plan focuses on the next step: linking Knoxville to Townsend via greenway trail.

The Existing Conditions Map shows the general study area for the Maryville-to-Townsend plan. You can click on it to see a bigger version.

vision map

For more information about the Knox Blount Greenway, contact Ellen Zavisca at or 865-215-2500.
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